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Internet Services

  • - Broadband internet and dedicated link
  • - Connectivity (optical fiber/microwave) and point-to-point services (matrix and branch)
  • - Proactive monitoring of services
  • - MPLS


  • - E1 and R2 digital lines
  • - On Premise PBX
  • - IP PBX
  • - Hybrid PBX
  • - Hosted PBX
  • - Local DID
  • - Toll Free numbers

Soluções em SD-WAN:

  • Defined as an automated and programmatic approach to managing the connectivity costs of enterprise networks, Software Defined Balancing (SD-WAN) allow s the user to control various features that relate to the connections of their business. Through this technology, the company can monitor the health and quality of the WAN, helping in the traffic of applications. In addition, the System still performs data monitoring, reduces support costs, and increases your agility. Everything in a smart and dynamic way.

Structured Cabling

  • - Design execution of structure network, metallic pair and optical fiber of voice, data and images (indoor and outdoor)
  • - Logical Network Certification
  • - Optical fiber (services/maintenance)

Thin Clients

  • Thin Clients are devices designed to provide functions (programs) that will be useful to the user. Usually these devices do not have HDDs, which creates greater security.

Security Management

  • - Network security
  • - Secure browsing
  • - Monitored management
  • - Logs analysis


  • - Virtual servers
  • - Linux servers (e-mail/web/archive/firewall)
  • - Windows servers (active directory/file system/backup)

Systems and Radio Communication

  • - Data radio projects
  • - Point-to-point voice
  • - Analog and digital radio (VHF and UHF)
  • - Air and sea radio
  • - Rental of nautical equipment probes, radar and GPS servers

Electronic Voting System

  • The Electronic Voting System is an Audience Response Tool commonly used by the Marketing, Training and Event MRI department in the form of an interactive Query where the participants via the Keypad (wireless) answer the questions with the results presented in real time.

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